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 CCLD Facility Search Form

1. Select the Facility Type to Locate:
Only the facility types listed below, in the pull-down box, are available in this search feature. The map display is not provided for Large Family Child Care Homes.
2a. Select information in 1 of the following search fields:
Information for searching on zip codes, cities, or area codes may be selected from the pull-down boxes. Be careful; selecting more than one can lead to failed results. (zip codes that do not belong to certain cities, etc.)

If information is not listed in the pull down menus, this indicates we have no record of a facility meeting that search criteria.

If none are selected, the results displayed will be statewide.
Zip Code:
Area Code:

2b. Enter a facility name or address: (Optional)
enter all or part of a facility name or address


2c. Select a format for your results:
(On screen, Microsoft Word, Plain Text, Tab Delimited, Comma Separated Values or Special Character Separated Values)

Send to:
As the resulting file arrives in the browser, a format other than "On screen" will present a dialog box asking if you wish to save or open the file. If you want to view the result immediately in the selected format, you must select "Open" in this dialog box. If you want to save the document, click on "Save" in this dialog box.


3. Press Search:

This data is updated weekly. Please call the local District Office for information related to an adverse action taken on a license, as it may take 30-60 days to display on this site.

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