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Adult Care Online Orientations


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Adult Care Online Orientations

In order to apply for a license to operate an Adult Residential Care Facility, Adult Day Care Facility, Adult Residential Facility for Persons with Special Health Care Needs. Or Residential Care Facility for the Critically Ill, you must first attend an orientation.

  • 1. Application Online Orientation
    • The orientation fee is $50, plus a processing fee of $4.85 (for a total of $54.85).
    • The orientation and processing fees are payable by using either a credit card, or a debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo on it.
    • Register for the Adult Care Application Online Orientation

      Returnto the Adult Care Application Online Orientation
  • 2. Operations and Recordkeeping Orientation
    • The Operations and Record Keeping Orientation for the Adult Care Program is not online please click link below for information on how to register for an in person orientation.

NOTE: You will only have access to the online orientation for 30 days. Please complete the training within 30 days of registration.

In-person orientationsfor both the Application Orientation and the Operations and Recordkeeping Orientation, are available for those who prefer to attend in person.